A journey filled with property investment, personal finances and side hustles

The home of a local South African on a money journey.

Learn about property​

Learn about investing in property, spotting a good deal from a bad one, legalities of rental properties and tax.

Learn about investing

Find out more about asset classes, investing, ETFs and other investment vehicles.

No financial advice can be given though!

Learn about your money

How you think about your money affects who you are. It makes you who you will be and what you will be eating in retirement.

Let's grow together so that we can get
a better return on our investments,
have a fuller life
and appreciate coffee more.

Hey, I am frugal

I love talking about property and money. 

Some interesting facts about me: 

  • I have walked the Camino de Santiago twice
  • I have the most awesome wife
  • I am a software developer by day

My personal property Goal

I am 50 % from reaching my property goal. 


Learn about

Learn about investing in property

Learn about
asset classes

Find our more about asset classes and what they are

Learn about personal finances

Where should your money be going?

Learn about money psychology

How you think about money will affect your life

Learn about

Here's a great starting point for your journey with money

Property investments and strategy for the risk averse

Don’t outsource your financial life to someone else. Take control of it and keep your finger on your investment. With a little bit of effort you will be rewarded handsomely for your efforts!

Think about these things for starters:

  • Invest in something you can touch
  • Use other people’s money to pay your bond – i.e. rental property
  • Make calculated decisions when you invest and keep on making calculations throughout the lifetime of your investment
  • Make time once a year to research your rental income, fees and levies.
  • Reinvest your profits in new property
  • Keep your finger on your investment by getting involved in the body corporate
  • Look after your investment by maintenance and bettering your property
  • Invest for the long run
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