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Frugal is on a journey to discover what matters – money, property, investments and personal finance is part of my journey. And I love sharing my thoughts with you about money, property and my business. 

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Property articles and courses

Property strategies

Whether you’re looking for articles on buy to rent, guesthouses and Airbnb or buy and flip – I have these articles for you! 

Property tax breaks

There are some awesome tax breaks that you can utilise to make your property investments even sweeter. These include Sections 13 sex, quin and quat.

Buying property

I did a free course for you with blog articles and Videos. Info includes, credit checks, affordability and negotiations when buying your property.

Who is Frugal?

Hello everyone, I am Frugal! I have been investing in property for 10 years, blogging for 2+ years and work for myself. In my fulltime hustle, I do software development. I also write technical posts about small business and code on my business blog. Check out my business website here

Frugal's business

My company is called Effectify – and we’re all about making complex things simple. Whether you’re looking for a mobile or web app, we’re able to assist.

If you have any opportunities where I can assist, feel free so schedule a meeting with the link below.   

Do you have issues with managing the documents of your clients? ‘

You have a list of required documents. And your clients don’t send you everything you need. Doxie helps you manage all your documents – and it’s all in your Google Drive.

Scam pages!

If you’re interested int he latest scams and how to convert your hard earned cash into enough money to buy South Africa, then this one is for you. Have a browse on here!

Here are some of my latest posts.


Scam Wars – Which one is the most lucrative?

Low risk, high returns! This is not financial advice Don’t be stupid. Rather drink coffee and give me the cash you want to invest in these opportunities! If you want…
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