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Oh, and loads of coffee.

Being Frugal does not mean being cheap or selfish.

If your coffee adds value to your life, then why stop drinking coffee? Frugal means that you spend money on things that are important. It also means that you vigorously cut costs of things that you don’t like or doesn’t add value to your life. 

Being frugal is a journey – you discover the things you value, the things you love and how to achieve your financial, small business and investment goals. 

Frugal is on a journey to discover what matters – money, property, investments and personal finance is part of my journey. And I love sharing my thoughts with you. 

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Who is Frugal?

Hello everyone, I am Frugal! I have been investing in property for 10 years, blogging for 2+ years and work for myself. In my fulltime hustle, I do software development. My niche is working with small companies and startups. I help them to focus on the most important things and simplify their solutions. 

Check out my business website here! 


Frugal's business

Many moons ago, Frugal wanted to see if it would be possible to build a business from scratch, without money. The strategic plan was to build relationships and give away content for free about the things he loves. And today we have Frugal. With more than 100 articles, 14 000+ followers on Twitter, Frugal Local, as my side project has become the base of my business. 

I am self employed and do digital design, software development and strategic consultations on simplifying complex problems for companies. 

If you have any opportunities where I can assist, feel free so schedule a meeting with the link below.   

Here are some of my latest posts.


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